PATRICIA KELL kicks off the birth of its brand with the launch of its first collection in early 2017. The company is the result of years of effort, passion for women’s footwear and the dedication and hard work of Patricia, a 31-year-old designer from Alicante (Spain) who noticed the lack of affordable designer shoes that define women with personality and good taste, while working as an engineer in Switzerland.

You might even say that Patricia’s career began when she started walking at a very early age, eager, perhaps, to try on her mother’s heels.

Her extensive academic training never managed to tear her away from a lifelong dream: to make shoes. Even as a child, Patricia designed shoes by drawing them for the characters who personified her drawings.

She even talked to her teachers about it. What was their response? “Patricia, if you want to make shoes, go ahead and make shoes”.

All roads led her to studying tirelessly and dedicating herself fully to the design and development of her creations which, in turn, led to her realizing her dream. Despite countless obstacles and setbacks and with boundless drive, Patricia now launches her own line, surrounded by the top footwear professionals in Elda. This line gives shape to a project that she has always wanted to bring to life: providing women with beautiful, lovingly handcrafted and thoughtfully detailed shoes. Premium footwear, luxury footwear, innovative footwear that gives every woman a touch of uniqueness and elegance.

Patricia Kell


All PATRICIA KELL shoes have a Swarovski crystal in the sole.

These characteristically shiny Swarovski crystals are known for their singularity, elegance and distinction, qualities that flawlessly align with the characteristics of PATRICIA KELL shoes and the women who wear them.